Season 2 Episode 1 - Show 40
The Smile High Club Spotlight Show


Sep 8, 2019

Season 2 begins with a spotlight show highlighting artists and producers that have released on the Smile High Club.

Discover music from Devien408, Solarwick, Seo Mary, HAKOBO, grapemilk, and an especially lovely track by cumulus frisbee and Jeff Groh.

GAWS THE GREAT - violet groove
Ujuu & Connor Allen - Sunday Morning (The Smile High Club)
kayoti - interstellar
cuanzi - Cosmos
BeatmakerKelz - And You're
Shmoozy & Roto - Spectrum (The Smile High Club)
MANTRABLU - The Distance Is Calling (The Smile High Club)
【Perikardium】 - bae wave ft. M i s t e r / L
Phortran - Cycles (The Smile High Club)
【 Perikardium】 - dead inside.
camoufly - macintosh plus
Too Much - like a dragon w/ Gurf
Too Much - whippin
CXNST - sharptongues
kayoti - somewhere
you - (track details forthcoming)
ruairi dx - five thousand
Ciro Mont - Catch Me